Business Travel Hacks for a More
Pleasant and Less Expensive Trip

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Like more than a few people, you may dread business travel because you think it is a significant hassle. The reality is that there are some business travel hacks that you can employ that make business travel less expensive and more pleasant from the beginning to the end of a trip. In fact, there are five hacks that make business travel less expensive and more enjoyable.

Check Your Bags

Long gone are the days when intelligent people brag about carrying on luggage. Carrying luggage onto an aircraft is becoming more challenge, and it remains a hassle.

You make travel far less stressful checking your bags. Keep in mind that the risk of checked luggage getting lost is almost nonexistent. Less than 0.3 percent of checked baggage is ever lost. Carryon bags likely are misplaced at a rate that is higher than the checked-in baggage loss rate.

Finally, you really are not saving a great deal of time by carrying your bags on board. You are not highly likely to be left waiting for your bags to be taken off a plane. The reality is that by the time you get off the plain and over to the baggage claim area, your bags will be off the plane and ready for pickup.


Wear TSA Friendly Clothing

Dealing with the Transportation Security Administration screenings can prove to be some of the most unpleasant elements of a business trip in this day and age. There are some practical steps you can take to speed up the screening process.

First, wear slip-on shoes. The whole TSA screening process gets bogged down in part because of the people who end up wasting precious time fiddling with their shoes.

Second, wear pants that do not require a belt. If you are dashing straight from the airport to a business meeting upon arrival at your destination, more informal clothing may not be possible. But, even eliminating your belt can make the TSA screening process a bit easier.

Third, wear or carry a light jacket or sports coat. By having this type of apparel at hand, you can put a wide range of thing in the pockets. Rather than have to empty your pockets at a TSA screening station, you can simply dump the jacket or coat in a bin and let it travel through the x-ray machine.

Get a Small Laptop

If you are like most business travelers, you will pull out your laptop to attempt to do some work while flying. If you are like most business travelers, one of two issues will crop up. First, the laptop you use most often may be to cumbersome to effectively utilize in the confines of an airplane. Second, a tablet may be great for many things, but not for dealing with some of the things you may want to attend to while flying.

A small laptop solves this dilemma. You can find a relatively inexpensive small laptop that has the necessary bells and whistles to meet your needs. In addition, you will be able to find smaller laptops at different price points, including some that are highly affordable.

Avoid Taxicabs

A sure way to save money while on a business trip is to avoid taxicabs unless time constraints mandate it or you are only going a short distance. Before leaving for a business tips, determine what your destination city offers in the way of public transport.

There are some cities in which public transport systems are the best way to get about. Washington, D.C., is a prime example of such a city. New York City has an extensive subway system, combined with a comprehensive bus system.

Bring a Real Book

Bring along a real book along with you for a business trip. Don't just load up something on an electronic mobile device.

Reading a book while on an airplane can be a nice diversion. Keep in mind that on any airplane trip, there will be a period of time when you are not permitted to access your electronic devices. This is an example of how a real book can be invaluable when you are on a business trip.


Bring a Pillow

Finally, when traveling for business, bring your own pillow. The stark reality is that pillows provided on planes and hotels likely are not very clean. There are pillows made specifically for travel purposes. Your own pillow helps to defend your overall health while traveling. Your own pillow also works to ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible.

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